chajatta_tvxq (chajatta_tvxq) wrote,


Dear friends and followers of Chajatta_TVXQ,

due to countless hateful comments on twitter and several angry anons on Curiouscat who keep asking me to leave fandom, change my name and stop being associated with TVXQ just because they can't accept there are fans with different opinions, I decided it's time to delete this blog after 6 years to stop this madness.

Keeping the memories of Dong Bang Shin Gi (5) alive was the primary goal of this site and I'm happy I could help new fans catch up with their history. I hope you enjoyed the content and took whatever your harddrives allowed. :)

Please don't get angry with my decision. One can only take so much bullying.

Wish you all a happy life. ♥
Tags: announcement
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