February 7th, 2019

junsu chibi

[Update] All access revoked

Hello everyone,

long time no see. ^_^

I have good news for me and bad news for some of you and I wanted to update this place to let you know, in case you're wondering what's going on with this blog. :)

Due to constant personal attacks and rumors about me on Twitter ever since I've left the fandom, I've decided to revoke everyone's access to my blog because most of you as*holes don't deserve it.

This time it's not an April fool's joke!

I'm sorry to new fans who recently joined or to those who don't even have twitter and weren't part of the mess, you can thank your awesome fandom for that who can't shut up and leave me alone.

I've decided to only give access to people I personally know or those who reach out to me on Twitter (@chajatta_tvxq), so I can see "who you are."

— If you're mutuals with my bullies (and most of you probably will be), I won't add you back.
— If you're a new account or have not tweeted in a long time, I will assume it's fake and won't add you back.
— If you comment or pm me here on LJ (I really appreciate your support if you mean it) I still won't add you back, you could be one of them.

As I told one of my followers I'm sad I have to do this, I probably hurt more friends than enemies but it's the only way I can protect myself.

This was a project that meant a lot to me when I started it and I wanted to share DBSK's memories and give something back to fandom. But the fandom I remember no longer exists, so... it doesn't matter now anyway.

If we're friends or mutuals you can reach out to me if you want your access back, I'll give it back if I know I can trust you.

To everyone else, sayonara. And thanks for coming to my TED talk.